Yaks Team

D’oh, the [YAKS]

[YAKS] was spun off and founded by members and friends of [BOA] ── Blades of Alavon, a family guild since the original Guild Wars. Yaks can be traced back to its early days on Devona’s Rest server, 2012-2013, where [BOA] and its memebers were.

Core and senior members, not necessarily leaders ── for we being more like a family and friends guild simply playing and trolling together ── are as following:

  • Lil Red (Grand Ol’ Glory Steve)
  • Los Eles (Zilchery, Zach)
  • Tekk (Kyle)
  • Deko* (Deko, Brad)

We frequently team up with friends from different guilds and enjoy watching each other creatively and ferociously trolling ourselves and enemies. Usually, we’re super duper hyper nice folks! 😉 Apparently we have our things with yaks, and animals, very much.

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Honorable Mentions

Our path once crossed…


  • [EDGE] & [OBS] on old DR.
  • [OHai], old DR.
  • [LEXS] on DR and SBI.
  • [CAT] & [DOG] Biscuits from SBI.
  • [ET] jokingly misspelled E-somthing Twilight from DB.
  • [ASIA] Crusaders of the Asia Pacific from DB.
  • [Skrw] A Skeleton Krewe

…and People

  • Bukems Mailbox (DR)
    the hardcore Necro and damn sieger, defender.
  • Kleo the Effing Engi (DR→SBI)
    from freezing cold Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Blodeuyn Tylwyth (DR→SBI→)
    makes good tea, brings kids cookies.
  • Vars Wolf (DR→SBI)
    Kitten insane acheievement points. lol
  • Theo the Warrior (DR)
    Chuck Norris of Devona’s Rest.

– Wanna list or shot out to someone here? Find either Deko or Zach. – 🙂

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