Alpine Borderland is Back!

NO BS! Log on and roll! Go check it out!
(screaming and yelling and crying like a baby. T_T )

Alpine Borderlands will be back – March 31, 2016

Game Update Notes – May 3, 2016

Alpine Borderlands

  • The Alpine borderlands map has been rotated back into play.
  • Updated map content to be consistent with existing WvW maps.
    • Sentries now detect and mark enemy players on the map.
    • Original resource nodes have been removed. Resource synthesizer nodes now exist inside objectives.
    • Objectives now have capture-point decals.
    • Objective lords now have health scaling.
    • Objectives now upgrade based on dolyak caravan deliveries.
    • Objectives now support the updated guild-claiming and guild-objective upgrades systems.
    • Disabled Commander Siegerazer’s breakout events.
    • Cultural armor vendors have been added at the team citadel areas.
    • Dolyak caravans now jog rather than walk.
    • Dolyak caravans now gain the Protected Caravan effect when allied players are nearby.
    • Players can no longer rally by killing basic creatures.
    • Halved the number of ambient creatures (deer, drakes, wolves, etc.).



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