WvW Poll, 31 May 2016

Go https://feedback.guildwars2.com/en and vote, now!


[ https://i.imgur.com/EE2WkC5.png ]


3 thoughts on “WvW Poll, 31 May 2016

  1. https://feedback.guildwars2.com/en/results
    Gah, ANet purged the poll result immediately…… -_- so I have to go digging and googling around — No, no! You won’t want to go through all the threads in WvW sub-forum on the official forum, or even just the posts in one single thread, I did. Or the official site and official wiki, I did, too. — Then, through reddit:



    I actually voted for mixed BL, with 2 Alpine and 1 Desert borderlands. Why? I’m curious as kitten if DBL will thrive and survive this time. Or, if most people simply don’t go there while having Alpine and EB for fun, maybe we can get rid of DBL for good then! (smirk)

    (Balance? Did someone mention “balance”? XD )

    Ref –




  2. “The results turned out more mixed than we think will be good for the future health of the game. For that reason we are going to run a “Remove Desert Borderlands?” poll first and then run a variation of this poll again. The updated poll will be reworded for clarification due to large amounts of feedback that many of the ‘No’ votes were cast with a misunderstanding of what they meant.”

    Seems like they are going to re-run a similar poll due to some backlash/confusion with the poll.


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