MotD, Fri 15 July

Our guild hall has become fully restored. Come see the new tavern. DON’T _lick_ the walls. That’s how it got ruined in the first place.

— signed, on the wall, kyubiko

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WvW JP (Obsidian Sanctum) Orichalcum Ores here this week… (at least on DB)

Screenshot 2016-07-16 00.45.28
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Still there after WvW reset.
Screenshot 2016-07-16 21.47.22 )

SBI’s spawned at the top of the well…


2 thoughts on “MotD, Fri 15 July

    1. I know you people are either in Cali or Florida (or sometimes Arizona it seems), however, do we have an icy pole in the decoration warehouse?


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