Yaks Next, 3 Mar 2017

(put it here for no reason, for it just being pretty~ [glide away])

Havoc Time

  • 18:00 ~ 24:00 NA Pacific Time
  • 21:00 ~ 03:00 NA Eastern Time
  • 9:00 ~ 15:00 Asia/Pacific UTC +0800 Time


  • 23:00 ~ 02:00 Asia/Pacific UTC +0800
  • 07:00 ~ 10:00 NA Pacific Time / -0800
  • 10:00 ~ 13:00 NA Eastern Time / -0500
    (team up with Sergiou and fellows of [ASIA] Crusaders of the Asia Pacific, consisting of people from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan… English is the common working language. usually running small/medium havoc party/squad.)

Deko would probably need to let off some steam after night classes every Mon, Wed and Friday. ( ‘_>`) That’s the morning of the same day in NA Pacific time, around noon of NA Eastern.

I’m 16 or 13 hours ahead of North America people, 15 or 12 ahead if DST kicked in. I would also try to make it on weekend nights, during NA prime time (no promise tho).

Potential Overlapping Play Time

  • 19:30 ~ 21:00 NA Pacific Time
  • 22:30 ~ 24:00 NA Eastern Time
  • 10:30 ~ 12:00 Asia/Pacific UTC +8

Please check the guild MotD, the roster in-game, and/or hop on Discord.

You can also leave a comment here below. (recommended)
Or, shoot a message to Deko, will be forwarded around if needed.

PS. I used to play on my laptops, Fujitsu LifeBook S761 and Lenovo ThinkPad x230 with iGPU ─ Intel HD 3000/4000. Now I play on my new desktop ─ Intel 7th Gen./KabyLake Pentium G4560 + AMD Radeon RX 460, with Wine/Gallium Nine under GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak yay!). So, you won’t spot me playing in-game or not through Discord. I’ll park myself in the voice channel if I’m playing or ready to join.

An easy and straightforward HOW-TO tutorial is coming… hopefully not before too long. <(._.)

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