Why We Yaks


BOA, Blades of Alavon (GW1-GW2)


  • Lil Red Robin Hood (Grand Ol’ Glory Steve)
  • Los Eles (Zilchery, Zach)
  • Deko* (Deko, Brad)

Minister of the Interior

  • Kyubiko (PM, Project Manager)

Partners and Playmates

  • [ASIA] Crusaders of the Asia Pacific
  • [CAT] Cat Biscuits
  • [ET]

How We Play

  • Casual, or slightly hardcore, WvW Havoc.
    • Alpine borderland defence, scout, or supporting havoc.
    • Havoc and skirmish on stronger enemy’s bolderland.
  • Casual PvP – sPvP Conquest and Stronghold.
  • Casual Dungeons and Fractals run.

Be Nice, Don’t Be Arse.

…More about Yaks Team!

Disclaimer: [YAKS] is NOT (necessarily) affiliated with Yak’s Bend.


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