MotD, Fri 15 July

Our guild hall has become fully restored. Come see the new tavern. DON’T _lick_ the walls. That’s how it got ruined in the first place.

— signed, on the wall, kyubiko

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MotD, Sun 12 June

Obsidian Sanctum Orichalcum Ores – One not so far from DB’s [Obsidian Sanctum Waypoint], on the way to the stairs. One not so deep into the JP, at the entrance of the well. THE MATRIX CHANGED!! (._.) after patches…

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Yaks Next, June 2016

What We Gonna Do Next!?

Guild Hall

Anyone with any plan, working on anything or any acheievment?

Fun time

  • 18:00 ~ 24:00 NA Pacific Time, or
  • 21:00 ~ 03:00 NA Eastern Time, or
  • 9:00 ~ 15:00 Asia/Pacific UTC +0800 Time
  • or 21:00 ~24:00 Asia/Pacific UTC +0800 Time
    (team up with [ASIA] Crusaders of the Asia Pacific, consisting of people from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan… English is the common working language. usually running small/medium havoc party/squad.)

Reset, weekend and holiday nights are better for most of us.

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