Yaks Discord

[ easy link → http://tinyurl.com/yaks-discord ]

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Yaks is now picking up Discord as our main internal communication tool. Discord is quite neat and free, all around.

  • Free client and free “server”
    “Server”, group or channel I would say, but Discord did offer options to choose where in the world yours could be hosted. (US West in our case, for people across the Pacific.)
  • Available on all major platforms
    ───Windows, Mac, iOS and Android; also running from web, in your Firefox or Chrome browser, anywhere, as install-free web app.
  • Text channel & voice channel.
    Much IM-like text; hassel-free voice & ID.
  • Built-in overlay. Over it’s over.
  • Plus, Kyle/Tek got killing misty eyes in his Discord profile headshot!

It requires a valid e-mail for you to register the Discord account. Once you opened yours and verified, go find Yaks’ Discord server/group link in guild MotD message, or, here in Yaks Comm – TeamSpeaks & Discord (Password needed) . (password also in guild MotD in-game)

Later you can join, hop on other Discord servers/groups in a breeze. Forget about TeamSpeak server addresses and ports. You can also park yourself only in the text channel and step outside of the voice channel. Yea, right.

Come on, come, join us! 😀


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